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Brief history

  • Indonesia has been being a member of RA-V TCC since it establishment by RA V-IX in 1986 and responsible to operate Jakarta TCWC covering the sea area of 90° - 125°E and 10°S - Equator.
  • RA V-XII in1998 recommended Australia to assume warning responsibilities covers Indonesia as interim measure.
  • RA V-XIII recommended that BMG postpone its responsibility to operate TCWC for 2005/06 TC season, and again for 2006/07.
  • TCP-24 2006 Edition stated that Indonesia takes over responsibility from Australia starting 2007/2008 cyclone season.
  • A major project to assist BMKG to establish Jakarta TCWC was completed at the end of 2007. Jakarta TCWC officially inaugurated by BMG Director General at March 24, 2008.
  • Jakarta TCWC made its first activation during TC Durga (April 22 - 25, 2008).
  • RA V TCC-XIII grant BMKG proposal to extend Jakarta TCWC area of responsibility to be area within coordinate 0°S 090°E, 10°S 090°E, 10°S 120°E, 11°S 120°E, 11°S 128°E, 09°S 128°E, 09°S 141°E, and 0°S 141°E, which covers almost all territory of southern Indonesia.

Operation of Jakarta TCWC

  1. Background
      WMO Tropical Cyclone Opertional Plan For The South Pacific And South East Indian Ocean (TCP-24, 2006 Edition) stated Indonesia would take over responsibility at the start of the 2007/2008 cyclone season.

      Though Indonesia is very rarely tracked by TC, the occurrence of TC near the region, gives impact to Indonesia weather variability.

  2. Task and responsibilities
    • Forecasts and warnings for the general population
      Responsible for warnings on tropical cyclones and related hazardous weather phenomena for the general population on the coastal waters and land areas of Indonesia

    • Forecast and warning for open sea
      Responsible for marine tropical cyclone forecasts and warnings in the area of responsibility within coordinate 0°S 090°E, 10°S 090°E, 10°S 120°E, 11°S 120°E, 11°S 128°E, 09°S 128°E, 09°S 141°E, and 0°S 141°E.

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